Ways to stay in touch with QDN

QDN’s Facebook page has been impacted by Facebook Australia’s news ban, along with many other community organisations.  We are working with Facebook to have this problem fixed.

This Facebook issue means important information we have shared with members on issues like COVID-19 and disability worker screening is currently not available on QDN’s Facebook page.  There is good news though…..if you are a QDN Peer Support Group member, you can still access your local Peer Support Group closed Facebook page, to keep up-to-date and chat with members.  If you are not currently a member but would like to join a closed Facebook peer support group you can click here to ask to join or if you need help to join you can email the Peer Support team at peersupport@qdn.org.au.

There are many other ways you can get up to date information from QDN and stay connected.  We will continue to update our members through Facebook groups, the QDN website, Twitter account, Instagram and our usual email communications.

QDN Website

Image of blue rectangle with smaller outline of white square inside it then smaller outline of white circle inside the square and a white dot on the top right of the circle. This is the logo for Instagram.

QDN on Instagram

Click here to go to our twitter account. Blue rectangle with white silhouette of side image of a bird. This is the logo for Twitter.

QDN on Twitter

Image of blue rectangle with white silhouette of lower case letter f inside the rectangle indicating the facebook symbol

QDN on Facebook (groups on-line now)

If you are having trouble accessing news, emergency, health or other information you can go directly to Government and news websites and their other social media channels.

Below is a list of some key information sources for you.

Government information

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

Web: www.bom.gov.au 
Twitter: @BOM_au

Queensland Health

Web: health.qld.gov.au 
Twitter: @qldhealthnews

Media and News

7 News

Web: 7news.com.au 
Twitter: @7NewsAustralia

9 News

Web: 9news.com.au 
Twitter: @9NewsAUS

10 News

Web: 10play.com.au/news/national
Twitter: @10NewsFirst

Sky News Australia

Web: skynews.com.au 
Twitter: @SkyNewsAust

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Web: abc.net.au/news 
Twitter: @abcnews

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

Web: sbs.com.au/news 
Twitter: @SBSNews

Guardian Australia

Web: theguardian.com/australia-news/all
Twitter: @GuardianAus

The Australian

Web: theaustralian.com.au 
Twitter: @australian

News Corporation

Web: news.com.au 
Twitter: @newscomauHQ

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