e-Blast: Urgent feedback sought on the impacts of accessible housing – adults with mobility limitation

The Australian Network for Universal Housing Design is working with the Melbourne Disability Institute and Melbourne University to survey people with disability to identify individual qualitative benefits to people with disability of having regulated minimum accessible housing standards in place.  As such they are seeking your feedback on the impact to your:

  • improved quality of life
  • well-being
  • mental health outcomes
  • greater independence and empowerment

This is your chance to help influence, and hopefully change, government policy by urgently completing the on-line survey by Wednesday 26 August.  We encourage you to provide feedback.  There are two ways you can contribute:

  1. You can provide your individual response to the survey here. They would like your survey response by 26 August.
  2. You can participate in a follow up interview to share your story in more detail with a member of the Melbourne University research team.  For this you will receive a $50 voucher.  You can register for an interview at the end of the survey here.

This survey work responds to the Australian Government’s consideration around introducing legislation that will require all new housing to be accessible. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has recently issued a Consultation Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in relation to accessible housing.  A link to the RIA is here.   If you would like more information about this survey please contact Dr Ilan Wiesel at the University of Melbourne at  ilan.wiesel@unimelb.edu.au.

QDN has campaigned for many years for universal accessible housing for people with disability. In 2020 Queenslanders with disability continue to be challenged by a lack of accessible housing options. As such, QDN will be making our own organisational submission on this issue. If you would like to send through information about your personal experience in relation to accessible housing and how it has impacted your life – either having it or not being able to access it – please email through to qdn@qdn.org.au by close of business Thursday 27 August.

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