e-Blast: National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) opportunity

The National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) have asked us to share an opportunity they have for two people with disability and expertise in advocacy to join the NDRP Working Party.

They are seeking up to two respected and experienced people with disability who:

  • have a deep commitment to improving the lives of people with disability;
  • an interest and understanding of inclusive research; and preferably
  • strong networks with disability organisations in Australia.

Over the next two years, the working party will build a case for long term disability research and try to find long-term funding streams.  This is to help make sure that policy and practice reform delivers the best possible outcomes for people with disability and their families into the future.

You can click here for more information on how to express your interest.  Look under the heading Opportunities.

You can get more information about the National Disability Research Partnership here