Queensland Disability Alliance  - Call to action for disability inclusion

An inclusive Australia is important to everyone.  1 in 5 Queenslanders live with a disability.

At the 2022 Federal Election nine state-wide organisations are coming together to ensure that the next Federal Government delivers action for inclusion, rights and access for the disability community.

a blue and orange circle with disability written around it and a blue tick in the middle.

These organisations include Queenslanders with Disability Network, ADA Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland, National Disability Services Queensland, Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, Queensland Advocacy Inc., Parent to Parent, QIDAN and the Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education.

Collectively, our organisations are representative of the breadth of the Queensland disability, health, mental health and community services sectors and industry including people with disability and their families and share the common goal of building a more disability inclusive Queensland.

Together we are committed to the rights, social and economic participation of people with disability and their families and the key role that the disability, community services, mental health, education and health sectors play in delivering economic growth and contribution to Queensland.

We want an NDIS that delivers for people with disability. We want strong, thriving disability, community and mainstream sectors that deliver quality, inclusive, affordable, accessible, culturally appropriate and timely services, education and training. We want to ensure that people with disability have jobs, adequate income support, access to advocacy and investment in capacity building for people with disability, families, and the sectors and industry.

We have identified 8 priority areas:

  1. An NDIS that delivers a person-centred system with effective planning and adequate resourcing and pricing to deliver quality supports.
  2. Work in partnership with people with disability, providers and the sector to co-design solutions, programs and systems across disability, community, health, justice and education.
  3. Investment in capacity building for
    1. People with disability and families as consumers in systems
    2. Providers to deliver effective services
    3. Mainstream services to deliver on inclusion and accessibility
  4. Deliver adequate funding for individual, citizen and systemic disability advocacy
  5. Invest in the disability, community and mainstream workforces to ensure the quality, supply and geographical distribution of a highly skilled contemporary workforce including:
    1. An integrated workforce strategy across disability, health and aged care to meet the critical NDIS workforce gaps
    2. A Community Mental Health Workforce Strategy
  6. Safety and wellbeing of people with disability including
    1. Raise the rate of the disability support pension
    2. National plan and road map for disability inclusive disaster and emergencies and investment in multi-sector responses for people with disability, disability sector
  7. Improve employment outcomes for people with disability
  8. Deliver on inclusive education and implement “Driving change: A roadmap for achieving inclusive education in Australia”

Group of logos Queensland Collective - For inclusive education Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion qamh - leading community mental wellbeing ATSIDNQ - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland - Supporting our mob with disability NDS - National Disability Services ADA Australia - Your aged and disability advocates QIDAN PSP - Parent to parent QDN - Queenslanders with Disability Network - Nothing about us without us