QDN welcomes the Royal Commission’s ‘statement of ongoing concern’ on the impact of and responses of the Omicron wave of COVID-19 pandemic for people with disability

Our recent ‘open letter’ to our federal and state politicians called on our governments to urgently action to prioritise access for Queenslanders with disability to vital health and COVID-19 safety measures during this critical time. The current environment is having a significant impact on Queenslanders with disability and pose significant ongoing risks to people’s access to basic essential supports. QDN looks forward to continuing our work with allies and partners to progress this issue and get action and outcomes.

Read the Open Letter here



This video below summarises the Royal Commission's 'statement of ongoing concern' about the impact of and responses to the Omicron wave of the COVID-19 pandemic for people with disability. People with disability are still not being prioritised when it comes to receiving health care, support at home and vaccines.

Read the Royal Commissions full statement here



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So, what is next?

The Royal Commission will be releasing the Issues Paper in early to mid-March 2022, which will provide further detail on the issues we have identified. The Issues Paper will also examine the data and information provided by governments, with a view to determining if the processes and systems are in place to protect people with disability ahead of winter.

The Royal Commission will be encouraging people to continue to engage with them by telephone and/or by electronic means in the lead up to and in response to the Issues Paper when it is released, and we encourage our members to do this.