QDN welcomes Royal Commission into Aged Care

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) welcomes the announcement of a Royal Commission into Aged Care, and that the Royal Commission will include people with disability who live in nursing homes. There are numbers of people with disability who reside in nursing homes, including

young people, due to a lack of other accommodation options available to meet their support needs, and it is critical that they will also have their voices heard through the enquiry.

The human rights of all Australians must be upheld, and older Australians have the right to quality, safe, affordable and accessible services and supports.

QDN continues to call for a Royal Commission into violence and abuse against all people with disability.  QDN made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional and residential settings, in May 2015.  The Senate Inquiry provided a platform for people with disability and their representatives to tell their stories and experiences.  In the final report from the Inquiry, recommendations to address the wide-ranging systemic issues where announced. QDN supports the recommendation for a Royal Commission to conduct a more thorough investigation into violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional and residential settings and calls on the Australian Government to implement this and the other recommendations from the report tabled on 25 November 2015. Nigel Webb, QDN Board of Directors Chairperson said, “The recommendations reflect many of the key issues raised by QDN. Violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability is a systemic issue and can no longer be tolerated”.

“The Royal Commission into Aged Care must recognise that there are groups within Aged Care settings who face unique challenges and risks including people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.”

QDN, along with other peaks bodies, urges the Australian Government to ensure that the voices of people with disability are included in the development of the Terms of Reference for this important Royal Commission into Aged Care.

For further information contact: Paige Armstrong, CEO