QDN e-News Video Update - April 2022 Week 4

Statewide Election Forum - 4 May

The state-wide Online Disability Election Forum will be held on Wednesday, 4 May 2022 at 5:30pm (QLD time).

Representatives from the key parties have confirmed their attendance at the forum. Come along and hear what their disability policies are in this Federal Election and raise the disability issues that matter to you!

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a blue and orange circle with disability written around it and a blue tick in the middle. Online Election Forum, Queensland Event, 4 May 2022. There are five circles on the right. 1. A photo of a man smiling with the text below Bill Shorten, Australia Labor Party. 2. The circle has the text To be confirmed and below it says Liberal National Party. 3. A photo of a woman with dark hair smiling at the camera. Below it says Kelly Guenoun, United Australian Party. 4. The circle has the text To be confirmed and below it says One Nation Party. 5. A photo of a man with glasses smiling at the camera and below it says Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens Party. Group of logos Queensland Collective - For inclusive education Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion qamh - leading community mental wellbeing ATSIDNQ - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland - Supporting our mob with disability NDS - National Disability Services ADA Australia - Your aged and disability advocates QIDAN PSP - Parent to parent QDN - Queenslanders with Disability Network - Nothing about us without us

Cairns Disabiltiy Election forum - 28 April

The Cairns Disability Election Forum will be held on Thursday 28 April 2022 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm at the Cairns Colonial Club.

Come along to a local forum and hear how the key political parties standing in our electorate, will deliver a more inclusive Australia and raise the disability issues that matter to you!

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Disability Election Forum, Cairns event, Thursday 28 April 2022, 3pm to 5pm. A row of logos. STRIDE For better mental health Rights in Action ARC - Disability Services Inc Every Australian Counts - Defend our NDIS Peer Support Groups - Connecting people with disability QDN - Queenslanders with Disability Network - Nothing about us without us

QDN’s election platform document and open letter - 'Leave no Australian behind'

The federal election is just around the corner, we have launched our policy platform, ‘My disability vote counts: Act for inclusion’, and we want you to get involved!

Want to make sure that your candidates know what your disability vote will count for. The federal election must be held by 21 May 2022.

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Read more about QDN's election platform here


Open Letter Released. Leave no Australian behind in disasters and emergencies. There is an image of a flooded street with houses under water. QDN Logo, Queenslanders with Disability Network, Nothing about us without us. PWDA logo, People with disability, Australia

Commonwealth Health Webinar

COVID-19 treatments and winter preparedness webinar for people with disability.

This webinar on 28 April is for people with disability, their families and carers. The panel will provide key updates and answer participants questions around treatments and winter preparedness.

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland University of Technology autonomous vehicles survey

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has partnered with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to undertake research investigating accessibility requirements for autonomous vehicles.

The goal of the research is to develop design principles that would lead to a Universal Design Automated Vehicle people mover, accessible to everyone. QUT has developed a survey to better understand the needs and expectations of people with disability. QDN encourages members to complete the survey.

If you need any assistance to complete the survey, please email Alex Bubke who can investigate alternative arrangements.

Complete the survey here



Premier Inspector-General of Emergency Management (IGEM) flood inquiry

On 15 March 2022, the Premier and Minister for the Olympics announced the Office of the Inspector-General of Emergency Management (the Office) announced they were undertaking a review of the South East Queensland (SEQ) Rainfall and Flooding Event in February-March 2022. The assess the effectiveness of preparedness activities and the response to the weather event by Queelsand government and other government agencies.

QDN submitted a response to this review, we would like to thank QDN members who generously gave their time and shared their stories with us to inform our submission. It is so important the Queensland Government hears the voices of people with disability regarding how to provide effective preparedness in emergencies.

Omicron Disability Royal Commission

The Royal Commission has released an issues paper on the Omicron wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, asking about lessons for future waves and other health emergencies.

The paper fleshes out ten areas of concern included in a Statement of ongoing concern published in February, while also drawing on the impact of the recent floods in NSW and Queensland and their interaction with Omicron.

The RC notes the Omicron wave, combined with the move to a 'living with COVID-19' strategy, resulted in high community infection which led to major workforce shortages in disability and health.

QDN is in the process of finalising our submission to this review.

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