QDN Member Art Competition

What is this about?

This is an art competition for all QDN members. You are invited to submit a painting or drawing which reflects what QDN’s motto ‘Nothing about us without us’ means to you.

The winning piece of art will go onto the front cover of the 2018-19 Annual Report. You will be famous!

What is the theme of the piece of art?

The theme of your piece of art should be around ‘Nothing about us without us’. We hope this theme encourages you to reflect on the vision, mission and values of QDN. What does ‘Nothing about us without us’, mean to you? Show this in your art. Remember there is no right or wrong – just go for it.

Are there any words that must be on my piece of art?

No, but if you plan to post in your art please write your first and last name on the back.  If it is impractical or costly to post your art to QDN please take a photo of it and if your art piece wins we will arrange to have it transported to head office in Brisbane.

What tools can I use?

You can use paint, pens or crayons, pencil, pastels or digital technology.

What size should my art be?

A4 size – so a standard piece of printer paper.

Describing your art piece

Please include a written description of your piece of art so that people that are blind or vision impaired can visualise it.

Who can submit a piece of art to the competition?

Any QDN Member or a Local Support Group might like to create a piece of art as a group. If you’re feeling really creative you can submit up to two pieces of art.

When do I need to have my art piece to QDN by?

Please have all art submissions to QDN by 31 August 2019. Please post to QDN, 338 Turbot Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000 or email to smcmanus@qdn.org.au.

What are the prizes?

1st prize $150

2nd prize $100

3rd prize $50

If you have any questions

Ask at your Local Support Group meeting or phone QDN on 1300 363 783

What to do now?

 Think about what ‘nothing about us without us’ means to you
 Create your piece of art, A4 size
 Write your name on the back of your art if this is practical or take a photo of your art piece and email it into us
 Write a description of your art
 Post or email your art and description to QDN by 31 August 2019

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