Image of the Title page of QDN's Co-Design Principles document

Image of the Title page of QDN's Our Own Voice document

QDN launches Leadership Framework and Co-Design Principles

QDN is pleased to let members and supporters know that we launched our QDN Leadership Framework and Co-Design Principles on 19 February at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Hon Craig Crawford MP, Minister for Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships officially launched them by video, and was represented on the day in person by local MP Jonty Bush, Member for Cooper.

The purpose of this framework is to make visible and accessible, the focus and pathways for leadership by and for Queenslanders with disability. QDN’s principles of co-design, guide and inform effective, quality and authentic engagement of people with disability.  As end users of services, products, policy and laws in their design, it is important that leaders with disability are involved from the beginning, leading and influencing innovation, improvements and impact.

With a motto of there is ‘nothing about us without us’, we hold this central to the way we work and co-design. We believe that people with disability need to be included from the beginning in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of services, policy, and products.

Co-design is a key process when done well means that people with disability are meaningfully, equally, and authentically collaborating to co-design solutions that deliver quality outcomes, and lead and influence inclusive positive change.

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