QDN Board elections 2018

QDN’s Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 3 November 2018 with over 50 people in attendance. We would like to thank all QDN members from across the state for your engagement, feedback, voice, experiences, efforts and energy, which is the heart of QDN. To our allies and supporters we also extend our thanks for your work in partnership and delivering on common goals and outcomes.

We acknowledge the tireless efforts of retiring Directors, Philia Polites, Mathew McCracken and Grahame Robertson. The Board play an important role in setting the strategic direction of the organisation and the governance. In these changing times, this requires a great deal of thought, consideration and planning. We welcome the re-election of Peter Gurr, Gary Matthews has moved from being an appointed Director to an elected Director and the election of new Directors Hayley Wesbro and Des Ryan.

After the AGM the Board met and re-elected Nigel Webb as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and John MacPherson as Vice-Chairperson.

QDN continue to maintain a focus on the importance of having people with disability connected, sharing information and supporting each other.  We look forward to continuing to work with each of you to ensure people with disability are active citizens in their communities, influencing and leading change.

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