Public Health Direction regarding Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering

People with disability and families have been telling QDN about their concerns around volunteer and paid support workers accompanying people with disability when accessing the community. The concerns relate to confusion around a recent Public Health Direction regarding Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering.

To clarify this matter the department of Communities, Disability and Seniors has spoken with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) , which has confirmed that people working in paid or voluntary disability support services are considered to be “exempt workers” providing essential services.  As ‘exempt workers’ disability support staff and volunteers will not be required to produce identifying documents to QPS officers or prove they work for a volunteer agency or non-government organisation when they are either travelling to and from their home and place of work, or supporting people in the community.

This advice was provided to all QPS officers on 22 April 2020.  QDN wants to hear from you if you have any further concerns around this matter.  You can contact us at or on 1300 363 783.