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‘My Disability Matters’ QDN 2020 State Election Policy Platform

There are 900,000 Queenslanders living with disability. Alongside our network of supporters, from family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, support workers or the staff at the local footy club, we have connections in every corner of our communities. We believe that Queenslanders with disability need to be empowered active and valued citizens, fully included in the economic, social, civic, and cultural life of Queensland.

Queenslanders with Disability Networks (QDN) is pleased to announce its 2020 Queensland State Election Policy Platform ‘Disability Matters’.

QDN’s platform focuses on mainstream services Queenslanders, including those with disability, use every day, including health, housing, transport, education, and employment. QDN calls on the next Queensland Government to deliver and fund accessible, affordable and quality mainstream services for people with disability. Only then can we create communities where Queenslanders with disability are included and celebrated for their contributions to the economic, social, civic and cultural life of our wonderful state.

Policy Platform

Download the Policy Platform

To view QDN’s complete 2020 Queensland State Election Policy Platform please click the image below or the link here: QDN Complete Policy Platform 2020.

You can find the responses to QDN’s platform from the political parties here:

Responses from the political parties

Fact sheet

Download the Factsheet

A simplified fact sheet of the policies highlighted above can be downloaded here: QDN Policy Summary 2020.


Download the Toolkit

To view or download QDN’s 2020 Queensland State Election Policy Advocacy kit, including a sample letter template to contact your local candidates please click the image below or the link here: QDN State Election Advocacy Kit 2020.

Selfie Signs

Download the Selfie Sign

QDN has put together a printable selfie signs for you to snap with you local candidates that highlight the main topics outlined in our election platform. It can be downloaded here as a PNG: QDN MyDisability Matters Selfie sign 2020.