The Ipswich Peer Support Group is a group for people with disability, run by people with disability living in the Ipswich area. Group Convenors Peter and Linda Tully host monthly meetings face to face.

The Ipswich Peer Support Group talks about a range of topics including getting prepared for an emergency, working with the Ipswich City Council around their Disability Action Plan, consumer rights and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The group meets on the third Saturday of the month, both face to face and online.

Location: Table 31, Club Services Ipswich (CSI), 5 Lowry Street, North Ipswich QLD 4305

Call QDN on 1300 363 783 or email to find out more about these meetings.

Click here for the QDN calendar. Type ‘Peer Support Group’ in the search area to find upcoming group meeting dates and times.

QDN board member Peter Tully is seated in a wheelchair wearing a blue polo and smiling at the camera.

“What makes a Peer Support Group successful? Meeting the group where they are at and encouraging people to take ownership of the group.”

Peter Tully, Ipswich

What's Happening

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    QDN Local Support Groups videos launched Recently at QDNs Annual General Meeting, two digital stories were launched for the first time to celebrate QDN’s local support groups work to inform, connect, lead and influence people with disabilities in local communities across Queensland. The digital stories showcase QDNs peer groups and the work of peer groups across the State. QDN has 20 local support groups, operating ... Read More
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