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Your Voice

Your Voice is an opportunity to have your say on matters that affect your life and the lives of people with disability across Queensland.

QDN regularly seeks feedback from members and people with disability on current issues and consultations focused on issues effecting people with disability.

Current consultations are listed below for your feedback.

As a state wide network of people with disability, QDN provides a collective voice to inform policy makers about what is important to them and how decisions might affect people with disability.

QDN policy and positions are informed by consultations, forums and member feedback.

Policies and Positions

QDN’s core work is ensuring the voice of people with disability informs the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of services and policy that affects the lives of people with disability.

QDN engages with members and allies to inform our positions across the key areas that are important to people with disability.

QDN also provides submissions and feedback to a range of Local, State and Commonwealth Government policy initiatives through active engagement with members.

You can find a list of QDN’s policy and position papers by clicking here.

Current Consultations

QDN Housing Strategy Consultation

Working Together for Better Housing and Sustainable Communities – View the Easy English version here.

QDN Summary of the Queensland Government Housing Discussion Paper can be found here.

QDN Overview of Queensland Government Better Housing Discussion Paper can be found here.