Frequently asked Questions

What if there are similar groups in my community?

QDN knows there are already existing groups of people with disability doing great work in Queensland. We want to work with, and support, existing groups where we can. If you are a member of a peer group in your community, please let us know.

Are there leadership opportunities?

Yes, each group will have a convenor drawn from the local community. Group convenors and all group members will have the chance to build and develop their speaking and meeting skills and local disability knowledge. QDN will support each group where required.

What if I don’t live in one of these locations?

QDN has a Zoom Room Virtual Peer Support Group Meeting for people with disability to looking to be part of a face to face meeting but who are not able to attend a local support group in person.  If you are interested in being part of this online group contact us at or call QDN 1300 363 783 and ask for more information about the Zoom Room Virtual Peer Support Group.

What is QDN’s part in this work?

QDN is a grassroots organisation of Queenslanders with disability. We are experienced in supporting people with disability connect and build networks, towards being more included in the community. Our motto is Nothing about us without us.