The Yarning Circle

The Yarning Circle is a series of digital stories developed by members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland (ATSIDNQ) and Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN).

These stories were launched in Maryborough in September 2014, by the then Minister for Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services, Tracy Davis.

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The Network

“To help our own people to understand what was disability and that they could actually have a voice to speak out.”

Willie Prince, Founding Member

Our Mob and the NDIS

“The NDIS is rolling out July 2016 so I think now’s the time to start having conversations about what exactly the NDIS is, and how it’s going to impact you if you have a disability and how it can further support you.”
Melissa Ah Wong, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advocate

My Place with the NDIS – Doug’s Story

“Because when you live in the community, that is the whole concept of being independent.”
Doug Thomson, Long-Standing Member

Connecting People

“People, who are very similar to yourself, who are double disadvantaged in their own life could come together, share stories, talk about it, and connect.”
Willie Prince, Founding Member

Connecting Culture

“When you learn something cultural like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander you got to really teach people about that.”
Doug Thomson, Long-Standing Member

Being a Voice – Ted’s Story

“The NDIS is set up as an insurance scheme for people with disabilities to be independent, to choose their own services for their everyday living.”
Ted Thorburn, Long-Standing Regional Member

Goals and Dreams under the NDIS – Willie’s Story

“Something like the NDIS would give families and individuals the opportunity to make sure that you have a good quality of life and that you are able to get out there in the community and do what you want to do in the community.”
Willie Prince, Founding Member