Engagement consultants and representatives with lived experience of disability

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Connecting you to people with lived experience of disability to help you grow your business or organisation

Would you like to know more about how you can grow your customer base, and develop your services to be inclusive and accessible for the almost one million Queenslanders who have a disability.  

What do we offer?

QD eNgage consultants can assist to plan, design, deliver and evaluate services, products, and policy to deliver on quality, accessibility, affordability, inclusion and innovation.

 We can help link you with people with disability with lived experience, and consultants with  specialist knowledge and expertise to:

  • Undertake disability inclusion health checks of your business or organisation;
  • Provide guest speakers, including people with disability, to share information, experiences and knowledge from the perspective of a person with disability;
  • Consultancy services to assist with policy, disability action plans, service design and user friendly accessible communications etc;
  • Disability inclusion training for staff and workplaces;
  • Host consumer and customer engagement sessions with people with disability;
  • Host co-design workshops to bring together people with disability and other stakeholders to help you plan, design, or test your products or services; and
  • Design and undertake targeted surveys.

QD eNgage consultants with diverse lived experiences

 QD eNgage is part of Queenslanders with Disability Network, a statewide organisation by and for people with disability. QDN members include a diverse range of people with disability including people with physical, intellectual, cognitive, sensory and psychosocial disability of all ages and backgrounds living in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote communities throughout the state.

Make an enquiry or request a quote

You may also contact Louise Abson or Michelle Moss by email at engage@qdn.org.au or call 1300 363 783

QDN’s work:

 Some of the work QDN is leading and our achievements include:

  • Ready to go project – National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Participant Readiness
    • Workshops and activities to over 5,000 people with intellectual and learning disability, their families, and support workers across Queensland
    • Workshops led and facilitated by trained peer facilitators who are people with disability, including people with intellectual disability
    • My learning passport resource as online learning modules for people with intellectual disability about the NDIS
  • Disability Support Organisation – Local Support Groups
    • 22 established groups across Queensland, led by people with disability, for people with disability to provide mentoring and support to assist people with getting ready for the NDIS
  • Housing policy champions
    • Group of 22 people with disability who are leading work in their communities and networks to influence policy outcomes to deliver accessible, affordable housing for people with disability in Queensland.
  • Systemic policy including
    • Membership of high level advisory committees
    • Engagement with members to inform policy submissions across key public policy areas including transport, NDIS, housing, health
    • See QDN Annual Report 2017-2018 for more information
  • Roundtable for people with intellectual disability
    • In partnership with Community Living Association, WWILD-SVP and Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy (QADA), hosting an annual Roundtable for and by people with intellectual disability to progress important issues to give people with intellectual disability a voice and an opportunity to discuss what is important to them across a range of policy areas.
  • Housing Policy Project
    • In partnership with Griffith University and National Shelter, QDN developed issues paper “A Place to Call Home” on housing informed by people with disability to improve housing outcomes and influence public policy debate.
    • QDN developed “Going for Gold: Accessible, Affordable Housing Now” position paper and five digital stories which are available at qdn.org.au
  • Bright Sparks Project
    • Co-design of workshop content and resources with group of 8 energy champions being people with disability for energy literacy and empowered energy customers within deregulated market.
    • Delivery of workshops to approximately 1000 participants with disability across areas of South East Queensland.
  • Getting on the NDIS Grid
    • Working with over 7,600 people considered to be “hard to reach” and potential new participants to the NDIS to learn about the NDIS and what is in it for them, and the organisations who support them across community, mainstream, faith based groups, staff and volunteers
    • Held 500 formal events
    • Developed creative resources including Grid activity, NDIS Bingo, Getting on the NDIS grid Booklet
    • Developed GP Toolkit and Patient Information Booklet to assist people with their NDIS access
  • NDIS Peer to peer advocacy project
    • Working with over 1300 people with disability to support them to access the NDIS, understand the evidence they need to gather to make an access request, and hands on support with participants through the pre-access, access, pre-planning and planning stages of their NDIS journey.
  • Changing Lives, Changing Communities
    • In partnership with QCOSS, working in communities across Queensland, including Townsville, Mackay, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Caboolture, Gold Coast and Normanton to bring together communities to co-create solutions to deliver more inclusive communities by and for people with disability.
  • Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR)
    • Working in partnership with the University of Sydney and Department of Communities to facilitate a number of stakeholder consultations in Brisbane, Ipswich, Townsville and Rockhampton.
    • Consultations bring together key stakeholders across community and emergency services sector, and a diverse range of people with disability providing feedback and advice on making disaster management more inclusive of the needs and experiences of people with disability.