Become a QDeNgage Consultant or Representative

Becoming a QDeNgage Consultant or Representative will open up opportunities to share your knowledge and experience, and create a more inclusive Queensland. 

QDeNgage is an initiative of Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN), connecting businesses, government departments, and organisations to people with lived experience of disability to provide feedback, advice and information.

People with disability have specialist knowledge, expertise and unique perspectives that only lived experience of disability brings.

By making this specialist knowledge and expertise available to businesses, government departments, and organisations it enables their products and services to be more inclusive, accessible and reflective of what people with disability need and want. This will give businesses, governments, and organisations powerful information and insights to enable them to make their products and services more inclusive and accessible.

QDN recommends that people with disability, whilst engaged as QD eNgage representatives or consultants, are paid for their time and or reimbursed for their expenses. 

Apply to become a QDeNgage Consultant or Representative

What you will you need to do:

  1. Read the ‘Information for QDeNgage Applicants’ here
  2. Become a QDN member (it’s free). You can apply here or by calling the QDN office on 1300 363 783
  3. Update your resume, ready to attach to your application. If you do not have a Resume, you can use our template here
  4. Complete a ‘QDeNgage Consultant or Representative Application Form’ online here, or download the editable form here and email this completed form and your resume to
  5. Ask your to complete this Referee Report and return them to QDN at 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, you can contact the QDeNgage team by:

Email OR

Phone 1300 363 783