The Emerging Leaders Program includes two 2-day workshops and 7 online workshops. QDN is pleased to be able to provide the opportunity for Emerging Leaders to connect with high profile speakers who will share their experience and knowledge on a diverse range of leadership topics.

Throughout the program, emerging leaders will be supported by mentors and a QDN based hosting team to build their leadership skills.

Workshop One

This workshop gave people the opportunity to:

  • get to know each other
  • work together to understand the nature of influence
  • learn how to be a leader as well as do the work of leadership
  • understand the U theory as a framework for social change
  • learn about staying present in chaos
  • understand change processes
  • learn how to look after their relationships and self as a leader.

The photos below are a snapshot of the new Emerging Leaders starting their leadership journey at the March 2021 workshop.

Workshop Two

The final workshop for QDN’s Emerging Leaders 2021 program was held on 9th and 10th November 2021.  At this workshop the 20 people with disability from across Queensland who were QDN’s 2021 Emerging Leaders reflected on their leadership journey and shared key impressions on speakers and learnings from the 10-month program.

The Emerging Leaders presented an overview of their leadership projects which focused on employment, accessible tourism, accessible housing and disability awareness in health services.  These projects with the support of their mentors have helped the Emerging Leaders to put the leadership skills and theories they have learnt into practice.

The workshop finished with the Emerging Leaders 2021 graduation ceremony. Below is a photo collage from the final workshop and graduation ceremony.

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