Two day workshop

We are excited to announce the start of QDN’s first Emerging Leader Program which runs from March to November 2021.  The response to the expression of interest was overwhelming and we were able to finalise 21 candidates from across Queensland from different backgrounds and disabilities to be part of the program.


The program comprises two x two-day workshops and 7 virtual workshops featuring an outstanding array of speakers sharing their experience and knowledge on a diverse range of leadership topics.  Individuals will be supported by a very capable team of mentors and a QDN based hosting team to build their leadership skills.


The program was launched on 9 and 10 March with a two-day, face to face workshop in Brisbane.  The workshop gave people the opportunity to get to know each other, worked together to understand the nature of influence, how to be a leader as well as do the work of leadership, and U theory as a framework for social change.  They learned about staying present in chaos, understanding change processes, and how to look after your relationships and self as a leader.  They also started to craft their own leadership questions.  The photos below are a snapshot of the new Emerging Leaders starting their leadership journey at the March workshop.