In developing person-centred emergency preparedness resources, community consultations were held.

The consultations offered an opportunity for cross-sector engagement and an opportunity for people with disability, family members and support workers, emergency services, local council, disability service providers and community organisations to share their insights about how to make disaster planning, management, and recovery inclusive of the diverse needs and experiences of people with disability.

The consultations were facilitated by the Research Lead Michelle Villenueve from the University of Sydney, and engagement and coordination by QDN, and were held in four Local Government Areas across Queensland (Brisbane, Townsville, Ipswich and Rockhampton) in May 2019 and June 2019.

Four men and women sitting next to each other in a larger circle, the photo focuses on one man who is explaining something to the larger group.

“I’m excited about taking what I’ve had the privilege of learning about emergency preparedness and sharing it with our local Ipswich community. We’re raising up emerging leaders. One of the things we need to do is look for emerging leaders in inclusive disaster risk reduction.” Peer Leader

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