Changing Lives, Changing Communities

Changing Lives, Changing Communities: Round Two (2019-20)

What will it take to continue our work together to create a community where everyone contributes, matters & belongs?

Across Queensland, communities are looking to work together to make a difference, to create a place where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. You are invited to come along to work with your neighbours and colleagues to make your community the best it can be.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Absolutely everyone. Great ideas and great change happens when we gather with people from across the whole community. Creating a great community is everybody’s business. If you came to our forum last year, this is the opportunity to further develop the great connections and ideas that were developed. If you didn’t come last year – this is your chance to be part of a conversation and action for change.

Come along and bring a friend, a colleague, a neighbour.

Your voice matters. Your actions contribute. You belong.

Together we will create a story of your community – a story that energises and lifts us all up.

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What is Changing Lives, Changing Communities?

Changing Lives, Changing Communities is a series of 6, two-day events across Queensland, held over two years that focus on creating new ways for people – citizens, community organisations, the private sector and government representatives – to come together, envision and ask “what will it take to create communities where everyone contributes, matters and belongs?”

Changing Lives, Changing Communities is about bringing people together from all parts of the community to co-create solutions to ensure everyone is included in their community, and can access what they need; like a place to call home, good health, transport, education, and meaningful employment.

Across 2018 and early 2019, the first year forums were held in six locations; Toowoomba, Mackay, Brisbane, Caboolture, the Gold Coast and Normanton.

For each of these locations a ‘harvest document’ was prepared. These harvest documents capture what happened over the two days – including speakers, and projects that emerged.

Click here to access these harvest documents for Round 1 Changing Lives, Changing Communities.

This work is a partnership between Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN), Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS), and Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC). The Changing Lives, Changing Communities events are funded through Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Readiness Grants – National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

There are another 7 forums that are being held and the QCOSS Board also approved new investment in these seven events, outside of those funded by the ILC, representing a very real commitment to drive change across Queensland communities.

Click here to access more information on Changing Lives, Changing Communities.

Momentum Meetings

In 2018 and 2019, QCOSS, QDN and ADCQ held Changing Lives, Changing Communities events across Queensland. To continue building our movement for change from the events, we have planned a momentum meeting in each of the locations. These meetings aim to continue to keep people in the community engaged and excited for the next Changing Lives, Changing Communities events, move from talk to action and build community readiness for change. At each of these meetings we review the Changing Lives, Changing Communities event, explore outcomes and impact, and discuss progress against projects. Thanks to everyone who came along to Changing Lives, Changing Communities Momentum Meetings. We know you have made a difference. We know there is still work to do and are committed to hosting spaces where community members can work together.

Changing Lives, Changing Communities Local Champions Program

Changing Lives, Changing Communities is a program of local conversations, local storytelling, local visioning and local action to help build more inclusive communities across Queensland where everyone contributes, matters and belongs.

Local Champions are key to creating and sustaining change in local communities. While QDN, QCOSS and ADCQ are delivering Changing Lives, Changing Communities, we know we need Local Champions to help drive change in their community. We are actively looking to connect with more people who want to make a real difference through good community development. The Changing Lives, Changing Communities Local Champions Program supports participants to develop skills, knowledge and experience in community led change, being a voice to influence and inform key policy reforms, collective problem solving, and generating community-based ideas and action. Changing Lives, Changing Communities Local Champions brings together a range of local leaders and emerging leaders to assist in shaping the paths of change.

In March 2019, we brought more than 60 people together from all across Queensland to explore the question, “What will it take for us to be champions of social change in our communities?”

Changing Lives, Changing Communities Hosting Teams

Each Changing Lives, Changing Communities event has been supported by a local organising team, or as we call them ‘Hosting Team’.

What’s the Role of the Hosting Team?

The Hosting Team will help plan and promote the event and then help with hosting during the two-day forum. QDN, QCOSS and ADCQ have developed a very flexible agenda and various resources to help the hosting teams to facilitate and lead the work.

In the Lead Up to the Forum

Hosting Team members will participate in approximately 3-4 meetings to plan and discuss the two-day format, assist in identifying local speakers, identify key community stakeholders and develop an approach to getting the word out there to promote the forum and invite people to come along. At the meetings, we will plan who is doing what and how the event will run.

At the Forum

Different roles on the days include hosting table conversations, capturing feedback and information, welcoming people, handing out surveys, introducing specific sessions, speaking on a panel, sharing a story of inclusion and generally helping to keep the day ticking along.

If you are interested in joining your local Hosting Team, contact Louise Abson at