We believe that people with disability have the right to be able to access digital devices, data and skills they need to stay connected to their services, supports and the community.

We know that people with disability face a number of barriers to get online, access services and stay safe when they are online.

We want to make sure that people with disability have user friendly devices that are fit for purpose, data, knowledge and skills to be able to connect to the digital world.

We think it’s important to reduce the digital divide and remove the barriers to inclusion to make it more affordable, accessible and build people’s ability.

Our work in digital inclusion

Ensuring people with disability have a voice on issues that affect them is at the heart of what we do. Our members experience multiple issues when dealing with getting devices, accessibility and the skills and knowledge to be online and get access to services and support. We know that people with disability must be part of the solution. They should be actively involved in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of the digital world and help find the solutions to close the digital divide.

In the past, work done in digital inclusion included:

A computer monitor with a Zoom meeting in progress with 16 people's profiles on screen.

“It is important that we can get the IT hardware and the education to use it. We need help to get hold of computers, web cams and microphones would be good. For anyone with intellectual disabilities or physical disabilities, it felt like we were at the bottom of the pack for trying to get hold of any equipment.

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