Dear Members

The board has made the decision to remove the statutory retirement age limit from the eligibility criteria listed in the Expression of Interest to Nominate for Elected Director application form, and also to extend the deadline to 9 September for those who may have been affected by this restriction to eligibility.   The extension permits Members additional time to consider submitting an EOI to Nominate for Elected Director.

To all members considering an EOI to Nominate for Elected Director:  your  Expression of Interest to Nominate for Elected Director is an application and includes a Commitment form and a statement which you must prepare.   The form can be submitted electronically with your name typed, rather than signed. Your EOI then is referred to the Nominations and Performance Committee for consideration and due diligence vetting to ensure you are a ‘fit and proper’ person with ability to meet all statutory requirements to become a director.

The Nominations and Performance Committee will refer those meeting these requirements before the Board to endorse or not endorse as a Nominee.  Those who are endorsed will be asked to sign a hard copy form which will then formally make them an endorsed Nominee to stand for Election at the AGM.

Colleen Papadopoulos, Chartered Secretary

Company Secretary to the QDN Board