NGR trains to be accessible for all Queenslanders

QDN commends Commissioner Michael Forde’s report on the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) train Commission of Inquiry and supports the 24 recommendations.

QDN acknowledges public release of the report and the commitment by the Queensland government to carry out all 24 recommendations.

The report found that the NGR trains failed to comply with disability legislation and functional requirements.

Chairperson of QDN Board of Directors, Mr Nigel Webb, stated that, “While this is a welcome announcement for all Queenslanders with disability, particularly those wishing to use accessible trains, it highlights the importance of people with disability being consulted from the start which is referenced in recommendations 17-19 in the report. This outcome is a testimony to the determination and tenacity of people with disability who have lobbied for this change”.

QDN gave evidence at the Inquiry hearing in August 2018 reinforcing the need to consult with people from the beginning of procurement.  People with disability should be engaged as project partners as part of the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of projects and initiatives to be consistent with the State Disability Plan 2017-2020 All Abilities Queensland.

“Customers with disability have a vital stake in Transport and Main Roads projects as they are users of public transport, often relying on trains as their main form of affordable transport”, Mr Webb said.

QDN calls upon the Queensland Government to develop clear guidelines concerning the procurement processes to ensure accessibility for every Queenslander in all future State infrastructure projects and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).

The NGR modifications will include:

  • installing larger toilet modules (10 percent larger than the previous design) in the middle carriages across the entire fleet to allow passengers who use mobility devices to access the toilet from both accessible carriages
  • doubling the number of priority seating from 24 to 48 seats per six-car train
  • revised seating layouts that make access easier for passengers using a mobility device, and further functionality improvements to internal fittings and carriage features

QDN looks forward to further opportunities for people with disability to be engaged throughout the design and construction phase of the modification process of NGR trains to ensure an accessible, inclusive customer travelling experience.

Further information:

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