NDIS Year in Review 2021 Summary Report

QDN members give collective feedback to policy makers about the NDIS through our regular consultations and submissions. It is essential that the NDIS delivers choice and control and the supports that people need to live their day to day life.

QDN members came together on 13 December 2021 for the event “NDIS Year in Review 2021 and the year ahead in 2022”. They reflected on the year that was filled with a range of proposed legislative changes and on the ground issues impacting on the day to day lives of people with disability.

A report was developed from this forum and was provided to the Hon Craig Crawford, Minister for Seniors and Disability Services and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and the important feedback from QDN members is being used to inform critical issues to improve the NDIS for Queenslanders with disability.

Read the NDIS Year in Review Report here



QDN Member Event – The NDIS: 2021 in revie and the way forward to improve in 2022. Summary Report now available. Want to be a QDN Member? Join QDN for free now! www.qdn.org.au