NDIA Announces Housing Pricing Framework

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released “The Specialist
Disability Accommodation Pricing and Payments Framework,” describing how it will calculate and pay

for housing built through the NDIS.

The Framework will guide the NDIA’s approach to spending its $700m per annum budget for building and maintaining housing for NDIS participants with high support needs.

The Framework outlines a set of criteria and concepts that the NDIA will use to determine an efficient price for housing.

It establishes the concept of ‘Benchmark Prices’ for housing that will be set by the NDIA, as well as how the NDIA will determine which participants will have housing funding in their individual plans. It does not include the actual ‘Benchmark Prices’ for housing – these will be set by the NDIA after consultations in the first quarter of 2016. 

QDN will provide more information as it becomes available about consultations and ways to “have a say”  on our website.

You can register your interest in participating in this consultation  via the NDIA website by emailing the SDA inbox SDAHousing@ndis.gov.au .

The Framework has two strong themes:

  • Participant choice – “participants will have the ability to move between accommodation providers and their funding will also move”
  • Provider certainty – “the NDIS funding should be sufficient to cover the efficient cost of providing accommodation over its full lifecycle…and therefore should allow providers to attain finance (debt and equity) in the private market to meet these lifecycle costs.”

Read more on the NDIS website

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