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* By this application you are applying to be a member of QDN and agree to be bound by its constitution.
**QDN is covered for $20 000 000 in Public Liability insurance.
Price: $ 35.00

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You can read our full privacy statement here along with the Privacy Notice below.

Personal and Health Information – Privacy Notice

The Australian Privacy Principles set minimum standards covering the legitimate use of personal information. QDN is committed to complying with those Principles.

What happens if we collect your personal information?

QDN collects personal information directly from you, from third parties, such as Local Support Group Convenors, on your behalf and passively through our website. We only collect sensitive information about you with your consent. Personal information collected on the Membership Application Form will be retained and used for the processing and delivering of QDN member application services, activities, distributing publications and normal business operations. It may also be used for other purposes including keeping you informed about QDN activities and member networks. If the personal information is not provided or is incomplete or inaccurate, QDN may be unable to provide you with member services and programs as intended.

Who do we disclose your information to?

We may disclose your information to staff, volunteers and contractors who need the information to provide you with information or services. We may disclose personal information about you to our related entities or third party service providers, such as Local Support Group Convenors in your area.  QDN has confidentiality agreements in place with these third parties.

How to contact us

Individuals can obtain further information or provide any comments in relation to this privacy notice, by accessing the Privacy Policy through our website, or by contacting QDN’s Privacy Officer. QDN’s privacy policy sets out how an inpidual can access and ask for correction of their personal information, how an inpidual can complain about privacy related matters and how QDN responds to complaints. Please see QDN’s contact details on our website.