QDN Special Membership

The QDN Board have acknowledged the following current QDN Ordinary Members of long standing, who have a history of supporting QDN through service and commitment over a period of at least five years with QDN Life Membership awards.

Life Membership

  • Bill Garsden
  • Mary Kenny
  • Karin Swift
  • John McPherson
  • Anthony Baguley
  • Donna Best
  • Fran Vicary
  • Judy Collins
  • Lyn Coyle
  • Rachel Matthews
  • Matt McCracken
  • Robert Ellis
  • Peter Parkes
  • Peter Tully
  • Ted Thorburn
  • Wesley Walker
  • Willie Prince

At QDN’s 15th anniversary celebrations, the Board also acknowledged people who are not QDN Members but who have made a significant and sustained contribution to QDN with QDN Honoured Supporter awards.

Honoured Supporters

  • Kevin Cocks
  • Lesley Chenoweth
  • Margaret Ward

QDN Recognition of Service awards were awarded to the following employees or past employees of QDN in recognition of sustained and diligent service to QDN, in leading and influencing organisational change and/or improvement, or in recognition of an exceptional contribution or parcel of work.

Recognition of Service

  • Greg Wagner
  • Jen Barrkman
  • Julie Granger
  • Karin Swift
  • Michelle Moss
  • Page Armstrong
  • Russell Flynn
  • Sarah Holbert
  • Valmae Rose