Media Release: Queenslanders with Disability Network launches new website

Today, the Hon. Craig Crawford MP, Minister for Seniors, Disability Services and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships launched QDN’s new website at Parliament House.

At the launch Minister Crawford said “I am pleased to launch QDN’s new website today. It’s really important that Queenslanders with disability can access to timely, accessible information and resources around a broad range of areas that impact upon their lives. Having this co-designed and co-delivered by people with disability helps contribute to an end result that is more user-friendly.”

“The Palaszczuk Government’s has a strong commitment to building an inclusive community where all Queenslanders, including the one in five with disability can thrive and reach their full potential. Key to this is ensuring people with disability can get the information they need from a range of trusted sources and from their peers. I thank QDN for their work and look forward to continuing this important work with people with disability, the disability sector, mainstream services and Government to improve the social and economic wellbeing of Queenslanders with disability.” Said Minister Crawford.

QDN Board chairperson, Des Ryan said “QDN’s motto is ‘nothing about us without us. Making sure that Queenslanders with disability are empowered, active and citizens is important to all our work. An important part of this is having access to information. I am proud of QDN’s work that is on our website. It covers a broad range of areas helping people get information, support, resources, and tools they need around NDIS, health, housing, transport, employment, human rights and more recently COVID-19, digital inclusion and disaster and emergency preparedness”

Paige Armstrong, QDN chief executive officer said today “QDN’s new website has been informed by targeted user research, customer journey mapping and user testing by people with disability and key stakeholders. It shows our vibrant state-wide network in action, informing and connecting with each other and working together to lead and influence change.”

QDN looks forward to continuing our work to give Queenslanders with disability access up to date, user-friendly, accessible information that impact upon their lives, and have links to where to go for trusted sources of information.


Media Contact: Paige Armstrong 0408 720 099

Two men outside. There is a man sitting in a wheelchair. He has a laptop on a table in front of him. Another man is standing and looking over his shoulder, pointing to the laptop screen. Two men outside under some trees. A man is in a wheelchair looking up at another man who is standing. There is a microphone in the foreground. Three people outside walking. There is a lady wearing black, a man in a blazer in a wheelchair and another man on the other side wearing a white shirt and tie.


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