QDN Local Support Groups videos launched

Recently at QDNs Annual General Meeting, two digital stories were launched for the first time to celebrate QDN’s local support groups work to inform, connect, lead and influence people with disabilities in local communities across Queensland. The digital stories showcase QDNs peer groups and the work of peer groups across the State. QDN has 20 local support groups, operating from as far north as Normanton, down to the border; several towns coming down the coast, and also inland to towns like Toowoomba.

These groups are all led by voluntary group convenors who come together at various times throughout the year. The groups play a vital role in connecting people with disability together, regardless of the type of disability, and this is largely due to the essential role of the local group convenors. The local group convenors are a group of passionate QDN members who want to encourage & empower people with disabilities in their local communities, by sharing information that will inform people with disabilities of the opportunities for greater inclusion in the local community and beyond.

The following digital stories tell the story of QDNs local groups, and acknowledge the convenors that put in so much hard work to run those groups.

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