JobSeeker payment to be reduced

The Federal Government yesterday announced that the Coronavirus Supplement will be reduced to $250 per fortnight from 25 September and will be kept in place until December 2020.

This means the JobSeeker rate until 31 December will be $412 per week (including energy supplement). This is a reduction of $300 per fortnight on current levels.

We know that 25-30% of people receiving JobSeeker (formerly Newstart) are people with disability. Many QDN members are telling us they need every cent they are currently receiving in order to cover the basics – housing, groceries, bills and transport.

QDN member feedback reflects the deep concern about the decision to cut the rate by $300 per fortnight. QDN knows now more than ever people, including people with disability, are struggling to find paid work with one job available for every 13 people on JobSeeker or Youth Allowance.

QDN will continue to join with our community sector allies to call on the Federal Government to raise the rate of JobSeeker permanently.

In addition to changes to JobSeeker, the Federal Government have also announced that the JobKeeper payment will fall from $1,500 a fortnight to $1,200 a fortnight in September and fall again in March 2021.

You can find more information on income support payments, including eligibility and reporting requirements here: