International Day of People with Disability 2018

On International Day of People with Disability, QDN acknowledges the theme of 2018, empowering people with disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality. People with disability as leaders in their own lives are driving change to create communities where everyone is included as equal citizens.

As part of ensuring people with disability get equal access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, QDN in partnership with Brisbane North Primary Health Network, is pleased to officially launch a new resource– the Patient Information Booklet – Making access to the NDIS.

QDN has been doing a range of work over the past 5 years to support people with disability and their families/carers with accessing the NDIS. Queensland has 90,000 people entering the NDIS, and different from the other states, 50% of Queensland’s NDIS participants will be people brand new to the scheme. Because of this, that means 45,000 people with disability will need assistance from the General Practitioners or allied health professionals to complete NDIS Access Request forms.

As a result of hearing lots of feedback from QDN members, families, and GPs and Allied Health Professionals themselves – QDN and Brisbane North PHN partnered last year to develop a Toolkit for GPs and allied health professionals to assist with the detail that needs to be the focus of the paperwork. This toolkit is being used across Queensland in both the primary health networks and Hospital and Health Services and has been well received.

QDN being a member driven network by and for people with disability also saw the importance of a resource that builds the capacity of people with disability to help their preparation to go to their appointment with the GP or allied health professional to make the process work well.

Mr Nigel Webb, QDN Chairperson said, “The Information Booklet is a great tool for people with disability, and we have also produced a 4 page user-friendly checklist. Being prepared for your appointment can assist with what some people have told us can be a challenging process. It is great to have resources for both GPs and Allied Health Professionals as well as people with disability.”

On 3 December 2018, we celebrate the achievements and contributions of all people with disability and supporters who work together to empower and ensure inclusiveness and equality. Mr Webb said, “On International Day of People with Disability, we are here in the Caboolture community working together to create a community where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. As individuals, we have the power to influence change, and when we work together our power is even greater.”


Click here to view the Patient Information Booklet.

Click here to view the Checklist for my Appointment.