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Know your rights: Getting the hospital care you need during COVID-19

QDN has worked with Health Consumers Qld to develop Image of cover of guide. Photos of people at the top. Pink and grey theme.a suite of resources to assist people with disability to get the hospital care they need during COVID-19.

‘Know Your Rights’ Resources

The ‘Know your rights’ resources will help you:

Understand the changes that may be in place in hospitals because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Know your rights to accessing hospital and healthcare during COVID-19

Get prepared and plan for what you need to do before hospital, and what you might need to take with you

Advocate for yourself in hospital, and know where to go to access other advocacy supports and information

Policy Submission

Hospital Discharge Project

Queensland Health has been working to support people with disability who are medically fit for discharge to leave hospitals throughout Queensland and transition to safe and supported accommodation as a result of COVID-19. Patients who are both eligible for the NDIS and ineligible are being supported through this project.

QDN has been engaged by Queensland Health to provide independent information, support, advocacy and guidance to patients with disability and their families, carers and decision makers to enable them to consider options for leaving hospital to live in community.

Click here to read the flyer, which provides more information about the project, and people can also call QDN on 3252 8566 and ask for the Hospital Discharge team.

General Practice (GP) Toolkit

QDN was pleased to be contracted by Brisbane North Primary Healthcare Network to develop a toolkit for General Practitioners (GPs) to assist them in supporting people to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Read more

Patient Information Booklet – accessing the NDIS

The Patient Information booklet has been developed to assist people who are patients of a general practice or allied health professional in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region with key information in relation to accessing the NDIS.  Click here to go to the booklet.

Roundtable: Health and Intellectual Disability

A Roundtable focused on Health and Intellectual Disability, hosted by Queenslanders with Disability Network, Office of the Public Advocate, Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability and the Institute for the Clinical Advancement of Neuroplasticity and is supported by the Australian Society of Intellectual Disability Queensland Division was held in Brisbane in March 2019 and brought together more than 80 people and a wide variety of speakers, ranging from people with intellectual disabilities and their families through to professors, clinicians and advocates.

The Summary of the Roundtable Outcomes includes proposed future actions to drive change to improve the health and well-being of people with disabilities.

Click here to read the summary document.

Helpful links

NDIS Toolkit for General Practitioners

The toolkit includes:

  • the forms that GPs can be asked to complete and how to complete them, i.e. sample Access Request and Supporting Evidence forms;
  • examples of how to provide evidence of the patient’s functional impact across six areas: mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management;
  • a full list of conditions that do not require evidence under current NDIS guidelines, and;
  • referral pathways for patients so they can find out more information about the NDIS and where to go for help.

Access the GP Toolkit here

Resources for Mental Health: Accessible Snapshots

The NDIS has recently developed a series of information sheets called Accessible Snapshots. The purpose of these snapshots is to provide specific, detailed information to people with psychosocial disability, their supporters, and service providers. These snapshots are designed to assist people to understand the requirements of the access process in relation to psychosocial disability, and demystify the access process. These snapshots have been co-designed with members of the National Mental Health Sector Reference Group and people with lived experience. The information sheets cover the following topics:

Accessible Snapshot 1: General information about how the NDIS can support your mental health

Accessible Snapshot 2: Impairment and mental health in the NDIS

Accessible Snapshot 3: Recovery and the NDIS

Accessible Snapshot 4: Functional capacity and mental health issues

Accessible Snapshot 5: NDIS and other services supporting your mental health

Other Resources