Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (PCEP) Planning for COVID-19

QDN has been working with the University of Sydney and the Queensland Government on these practical tools and information to help you think through how to make a plan for your own individual needs and situation during COVID-19.  

We are calling this tool the ‘PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool’.  PCEP  is short for ……Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (PCEP) 

The PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool  

Click below to go to select your preferred format of the COVID-19 Planning Tool.  

Easy Read COVID-19 Planning Tool

PDF – PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool

Word Version – PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool

This is a guide to help people with disability to get the facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to make a plan for how they will manage the impact of this situation.

This individual COVID-19 planning tool will assist you to plan for two situations that you might have to face during this COVID-19 pandemic.  They might be:

  1. staying at home for a long period of time
  2. getting help if you or someone who supports you gets COVID-19 symptoms

Printable Plan and Stop Sign 

We have separated out two printable sections of the PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool, so that you can download and print them separately.  

My COVID-19 Plan – a tool to help you make your own individual plan for COVID-19. 

PDF – My COVID-19 Plan

Word Version – My COVID-19 Plan 

STOP Sign  – a printable sign that you can put on your front door to let people know you are at risk

Stop Sign


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