Make a Plan

QDN are working to make sure you have the resources and tools to make a plan to keep yourself safe and well during this public health emergency. We encourage people to think about, talk about and write down a plan for how things will work for you and your support network during this time. 

COVID-19 Planning Tools

Front cover of the planning too. 4 photos of people talking. The words person centered emergency preparedness planning for COVID-19

QDN has been working with the University of Sydney and the Queensland Government on some practical tools and information to help you think through how to make a plan for your own individual needs and situation during COVID-19.  Your emergency plan for COVID-19 can be found here.  

Click on the link below for tools to help you make your own individual COVID-19  plan.  

COVID-19 Planning Tools


Know your rights: Getting the hospital care you need during COVID-19

QDN has worked with Health Consumers Qld to develop Image of cover of guide. Photos of people at the top. Pink and grey theme.a suite of resources to assist people with disability to get the hospital care they need during COVID-19.

‘Know Your Rights’ Resources

The ‘Know your rights’ resources will help you:

Understand the changes that may be in place in hospitals because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Know your rights to accessing hospital and healthcare during COVID-19

Get prepared and plan for what you need to do before hospital, and what you might need to take with you

Advocate for yourself in hospital, and know where to go to access other advocacy supports and information

Watch the video below for free Covid-19 information for people with disability and their supporters 

Essential Items Checklist

QDN have developed a printable ‘Essential Items’ checklist to help you prepare to stay at home. 

A photo of the a checklist with list of items listed and tick boxes

COVID-19 Essential Items Checklist    A printable checklist to help you prepare.


COVID-19 Essential Items Checklist – In Word   Screen reader accessible.


Visitor Door Sign

QDN have also developed a printable door sign, with space for you to write your own instructions for any visitors. 

Image of the door sign.

Visitor door sign – STOP!  Click here to download the door sign.