Rob Ellis

Gold Coast Hot Topics Peer Support Group

Why did you join QDN?

To be included in my local community and to have a say about issues impacting people with disability.

What has been good about becoming part of the group?

Friendship, being out in the community and being able to communicate with others and share knowledge which is what I love to do.


A man and a lady standing in front of a light brick wall, smiling. The man has his arms crossed with one hand pointing towards the lady.

What has been one of the groups achievements?

Long lasting, staying together, and friendship. One of the groups achievements was to make a video to showcase accessible places in our local community on the Gold Coast. You can watch the video here Gold Coast Hot Topics Peer Support Group - Queenslanders With Disability Network (

What skills/knowledge has it given you?

It has given me a sense of purpose and the ability to talk in public spaces and leadership skills.

What would you say to others thinking of joining?

Come and check it out and be yourself. Everyone is welcome!

Tell us something about you?

I am proud father of 2 daughters. I am also a peer leader in Person-Centred Emergency Planning (PCEP) and like to work with people to prepare their emergency plans. I like to think outside the box.

What are your interests and hobbies?

Competitive pool, videoing, and podcasting. I have a podcast called NDISO – Now Disability is Speaking Out. The podcast is about disability through the eyes of a person with disability. There are currently 2 episodes available – one is an interview with a support worker, and the second is a day in the life of Alivia, a young woman with disability and how the NDIS has changed her life.  The third episode is coming soon!

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