Griffith Housing Symposium Success

QDN was pleased to partner with Griffith University, National Shelter and the Community Resource Unit (CRU) to host the important NDIS Symposium on Housing on 8 August 2016.

We are very proud of the work that has been done over the past nine months with regard to housing. We are demonstrating leadership by people with disability, leading change to make sure people with disability’s voice delivers solutions for affordable, accessible and inclusive housing.

Our joint project with National Shelter and Griffith University produced the paper “A place to call home” which clearly reflects the voice of people with disability. This paper was launched at the Griffith Housing Symposium on 8 August and can be found here. In the coming months QDN will be working with Housing Champions to turn the Issues Paper into a policy Position Paper.

We were very pleased to hear the Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Hon. Michael Di Brenni talk about his vision for housing for people with disability which resonated well with matters in the Issue Paper. At the Symposium the Department of Housing announced their commitment to using QDN’s housing principles to inform and drive their work in relation to housing for people with disability, going forward.  QDN will continue to work with the department around implementation of the principles and other matters in QDN’s paper.

Our Housing Champions did a great job of facilitating the table discussions with over 270 delegates for the Symposium around the 8 topic areas. We look forward to collating all of the information and being able to use it to inform QDN’s Position Paper.

The Public Webcast and resources from the August 8 Housing Symposium are now available online.  Register your details at and you’ll receive a personalised email with a link to the webcast (on-demand video) of the NDIS Symposium “Housing for people with disability: Let’s take action”.

The collective work of our partnerships, housing champions and staff has enabled the voice of people with disability to be placed at the table of decision makers and to be in a position to lead change.

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