e-Blast: People with disability can now have support person visit or attend hospital with them

Queensland Health has provided clarification on managing visitor access to restricted hospitals in the Hospital Visitors Direction No 6, which came into effect on 22 August 2020.

Queensland Health acknowledge the vital role of a support person if you need to go to hospital to ensure your needs are effectively communicated and managed throughout the COVID-19 period, and you can now have someone go to hospital with you or visit while you’re there.

This includes allowing the support person access if they arrive at hospital separately to you, for example, if you arrive in an ambulance and they need to meet you at the Emergency Department.

Support people can visit at any time and should not time limited – they should be able to stay to support you during the time you need support.

QDN’s Know Your Rights has been developed to support you within a hospital setting, and provide information on how you and your family member or support person can advocate for your healthcare needs. There are also some checklists that are helpful when planning a trip to hospital, so you’re prepared and know what to expect.

If you need more information, please contact QDN on 3252 8566 or local call 1300 696 783.

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