Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Greater Brisbane Region Lockdown 11 January 2021

This morning the Premier announced that the three-day lockdown of Greater Brisbane would end as planned at 6pm today (Monday, 11 January).

However, for the next ten days through to 1am, Friday 22 January a number of restrictions will remain in place.

Requirements for masks

You must carry a mask at all times. Masks must continue to be worn in indoor places including shopping centres and supermarkets, gyms, places of worship, libraries, public transport, and taxis and rideshare vehicles. Masks must be worn in workplaces if social distancing isn’t possible and it’s safe to do so.

You do not need to wear a mask in private vehicles, while outdoors at a safe distance from other people or if you’re doing strenuous exercise. A reminder that a person affected by a medical or mental health condition or disability may be exempt from wearing a mask under Queensland Health exemptions.

If your health circumstances make it difficult to wear a mask, you do not require formal documentation or evidence and if questioned by police or any other government officials, you should explain that you have a medical condition or disability that means you meet the requirements of the health exemption.

You do not need to wear a mask when inside your home. However, a carer or support worker must wear a mask. You do not need to wear a mask when communicating with those who are deaf or hard of hearing, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.

The Council for Intellectual Disability has created a great Easy Read guide all about wearing face masks during COVID-19, which you can find here.

Disability Accommodation Services, Aged Care and Hospital restrictions

Disability Accommodation Services, Aged Care and Hospital restrictions also remain in place. This means that visitors are not allowed in hospitals and aged or disability accommodation services in the Metro North, Metro South and West Moreton Hospital and Health Service regions.

Importantly, people providing health, medical, therapeutic, social work, essential disability support or pharmaceutical services to residents of accommodation services are not considered visitors and can continue to work, as usual, wearing personal protective equipment as required.

If you need to attend hospital, there is an exemption in place that allows a support person to go with you – this can be support worker, informal carer, family member or friend. It’s a good idea to talk to the hospital you are planning to go to about this before you arrive. The Hospital Visitors Direction (No 12) is available here – (see Part 1, 11h) and more information on understanding the direction is here.

QDN developed a guide called “Know your rights: Getting the hospital care you need during COVID-19″, which can be found here.

Additional restrictions

The following additional restrictions will also be in place for the next 10 days:

  • Public gatherings are capped at 20 people both at home and in public spaces
  • Indoor retail dining venues are required to maintain a venue capacity of 4 square metres per person, with 1 person per 2 square metres for outdoor areas
  • Indoor concert venues or theatres: 50% capacity or 1 person per 4 sqm whichever is greater
  • Hospitality workers are required to wear masks at all times
  • The Gabba’s (and all outdoor stadiums) capacity will be reduced to 50%, with masks required to be worn entering and exiting the venue and also while moving around the stadium

QDN office closure

A reminder that the QDN office in Spring Hill will remain closed until 9am Wednesday, 13 January 2021. However, staff are working from home and you can still contact us by phone (1300 363 783) or by emailing

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