Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2024 - QDN highlights

Michelle Moss, QDN CEO & Talitha Kingsmill Couch Talk

Steve Coulter, QDN General Manager, and River Night Expo Organiser

Listen to an insightful conversation between Michelle Moss, CEO of QDN, and Talitha Kingsmill as they share their perspectives and experiences.

Learn from Steve Coulter, General Manager of QDN, and River Night, the Expo organizer, as they share their thoughts and experiences from the event.

QDN Staff Expo Reflections

QDN Staff Expo Reflections

Listen to our dedicated staff share their expo experiences and impact.

Hear from our dedicated staff members as they reflect on their experiences and the impact of the Expo.

QDN Member Expo Reflections

QDN Member Expo Reflections

QDN Members Share Their Expo Reflections and Insights.

Members of the Queensland Disability Network share their reflections and insights from attending the Expo.

What does… ‘Nothing about us, without us’ …mean to you?

Engagement during the Brisbane Disability Expo.

The importance of inclusion, empowerment, and the meaningful involvement of people with disabilities in the society.

Explore our Stall and learn more about the Queensland Disability Network's initiatives and services.

Signing up New Members

Experience the vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings at the QDN Expo stall.