2019 Federal Election: Disability policies from the Parties

QDN’s election platform is based on feedback from QDN members, including our Local Support Groups and engagement with people with disability and their families whilst delivering key projects.  Our election policy platform identifies seven key areas of priority commitment we are seeking from candidates in the Federal Election.  QDN’s election platform identifies seven key priority areas.

  1. The National Disability Insurance Scheme
  2. Royal Commission into violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of people with disability
  3. Housing
  4. Transport
  5. Health
  6. Employment
  7. National Disability Agreement and National Disability Strategy

We have provided links below to the information that key political parties have provided around their disability policies.  From the information that QDN has had available at the time of publishing, we have identified the following parties have specific disability plans and policies for disability;

  • Australian Greens Party;
  • Australian Labor Party (ALP);
  • Liberal Party; and
  • National Party

In reviewing the election commitments, these four parties have identified a range of actions and commitments that align in varying degrees to QDN’s election policy platform asks across the 7 priority areas, but particularly around the NDIS. There are a range of commitments to funding that the ALP and the Liberal National Party have made in their policy documents across a range of areas.

QDN Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Nigel Webb said, “QDN works with all parties to help establish policies that will deliver full inclusion and participation of people with disability in economic, social, civic and cultural spheres of life.”

Quick links to Party Platform documents

The Federal Election is on this Saturday 18 May 2019. For information on voting click here.

The links below take you to the party websites where their policy commitments are contained where they have specific policies on disability. Because these parties have put out detailed and extensive documents, QDN has not provided a summary of election commitments by party.

If you would like further information or want to find out something specific, please call QDN on 1300 363 783 or email us qdn@qdn.org.au

Quick Links

 Policy links on the Labor Party Disability Plans

Link to Liberal Party disability plan

Link to National Party disability plan

Policy links to The Australian Greens party disability statements


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